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Dinner Menu


served with soup or salad and rice

Basil Chicken or Shrimp  $18 / $20

bell-pepper, carrot, onion, basil in special Asian sauce

Big Eye Tuna  $22

asparagus, bok choy with truffle soy vinaigrette

Chilean Seabass  $23

chilean seabass with black bean sauce, scallion and yam

Ginger Lobster  $28

with ginger scallion sauce

Grilled Filet Mignon  $29

with vegs, potato over red wine sauce

Grilled Flashed Scallop  $19

grilled garlic scallop w. Asian sticky rice

Hawker Chicken  $17

tender breast meat work fried with red pepper, garlic, and scallions in chef legendary sesame-grand mamier-zinfandel sauce

Lemongrass Jumbo Shrimp  $20

string bean, bell pepper, onion, lemongrass in Thai chili sauce

Mango Chicken or Shrimp  $17 / $18

bell-pepper, onion, with mango sauce

Surf & Turf  $32

pan seared lobster tail and roasted beef tenderloin with french demi-glace sauce

Sesame Crusted Plum Duck

Sesame Crusted Plum Duck $22

grilled duck breast w. Asian plum sauce

Rack of Lamb  $25

served with potato and wasabi croquette with french demi-glace sauce


served w. soup/salad & white/brown rice

Shrimp Tempura    $15

lightly fried shrimp & vegetables


Teriyaki    $17 / $17 / $18 / $18

choice of chicken, salmon, steak or shrimp


Fried Rice  $5 / $6 / $6

choice of chicken, beef or shrimp


Pad Thai  $12 / $12 / $15

(chicken, vegetables, or shrimp) sautéed flat noodle, bean curd, bean sprouts & peanuts


Tempura Udon or Soba  $12

choice of chicken, beef or shrimp with vegetables


Pineapple Fried Rice  $10

choice of chicken, shrimp or vegetables


Yaki Udon or Soba $12

stir fried noodle w/choice of mixed vegetables, chicken or shrimp


served with soup or salad, white or brown rice (Teriyaki or Tempura only)

i. Choice of any one roll

Avocado Roll / Cucumber Roll / California Roll / Salmon Roll / Spicy Tuna Roll / Spicy Salmon Roll

ii. Choice of any one app

Gyoza / Hatumaki / Shumai

iii. Choice of any one entree

beef negimaki / tempura (shrimp / chicken) teriyaki (steak / chicken / shrimp / salmon)

iv. Choice of any fruits

Assorted Fruits

Kid's Menu

(children of ages 10 or below) served w. onion soup or salad, hibachi vegs, shrimp appetizer, white rice & (ice cream for dine-in only)

Hibachi Chicken   $12
Hibachi Steak (Angus)   $14
Hibachi Shrimp or Scallop  $14
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