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Hot Appetizers

BBQ Ribs $11

broiled in special sauce

Beef Negimaki  $9

broiled rolled beef & scallion served with teriyaki sauce


Crab Cake  $10

blue crab, red onion, celery with wasabi mayo

Chicken Lettuce Wraps  $11

minced chicken meat marinated in our chef special made sauce with onion, green pepper and oyster sauce, served with fresh lettuce


Edamame  $6

broiled Japanese soybean with sea salt and lime

Fried Calamari  $6

orange sauce, spicy mayo, chili lime sauce

Gyoza (Pan Fried or Steamed)  $5

homemade pork dumpling

Grilled Squid  $10

grilled squid with teriyaki sauce

Harumaki  $7

pork and vegetable spring roll

Japanese Burger  $10

Crispy cracker w. cream cheese, spicy kani, spicy tuna, avocado and spicy mayo

Tuna Tortilla  $14

Served w. spicy mayo, eel sauce, masago & scallion on top

Kushiyaki Chicken or Beef  $7

grilled chicken or beef on skewers, scallion with teriyaki sauce

Lightly Fried Soft Shell Crab  $9

pan fried soft shell crab with special sauce

Lobster Wonton  $9

mango salsa, cream cheese and wasabi aioli

Mozzarella Stick  $6

chef made mozzarella stick with special fusion marinara sauce

New-style Katsu Chicken  $6

fried chicken finger with katsu sauce

Peking Duck (4pcs Bun)  $12

cucumber, scallion hoysin sauce w. soft cake


Rock Shrimp Tempura  $9

battered tempura with spicy mayo


Spicy Edamame  $6

served with mango sweet chili sauce


Shrimp Shumai  $6

homemade steamed shrimp dumpling


Scallops on Potato Chips  $11

grilled scallop w. avocado salsa on chips


Spicy Tuna Dumpling  $10

served with mango sweet chili sauce

Cold Appetizers

Oyster Three Way  $19

fresh kumamoto oyster served w. mango salsa, jalapeno onion salsa & tomato salsa

Wagyu Beef Tataki  $14

Thin sliced torched wagyu beef, onion, scallion & Japanese peppers w. cilantro soy

Sashimi Ceviche  $12

tuna, salmon, yellowtail, white fish, w. red onion, tomato, cucumber in ceviche sauce


Sesame Tuna  $10

Pan seared tuna w./XO fruit sauce

Spicy Tuna Cracker  $11

chop tuna or salmon served with mango, black caviar & honey wasabi.

Tartar (Tuna or Salmon)  $10

choice tuna or salmon served with mango, black caviar & honey wasabi

Tataki (Tuna or Salmon)  $10

choice tuna or salmon served with ponzu sauce

Treasure Island  $11

diced tuna, salmon, white fish, tobiko, scallion and sliced avocado with honey wasabi and eel sauce

Tic Tac Toe  $12

tuna, salmon, whitefish, spring mix wrapped w. rice paper in wasabi mayo & eel sauce

Tuna Tortilla  $14

served with spicy mayo, eel sauce, masago & scallion on top

Octopus Appetizer  $11

Sliced octopus, radish in vinegar soy

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